Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dunlop Tyres has made environmental preservation one of the top priorities in all of its business activities, and it is consistently maintaining its emphasis on environmental management within the company. Dunlop Tyres’ efforts to promote environmental preservation encompass every facet of their operations, from product development through disposal. They strive to promote reduction of environmental impact in product design and sale, recycling, energy conservation, the lowering of CO2 emissions by introducing cogeneration systems and improving distribution, curtailment of the use of organic solvents, waste reduction, green purchasing and comprehensive environmental information disclosure.

New Technologies for Creating Environmentally Conscious Products

In line with these efforts, Dunlop Tyres is constantly striving to develop new technologies and products with low environmental impact. One of these eco-friendly products is the DIGI-TYRE ECO EC201. It contributes to the reduction of automotive CO2 emissions through improved fuel efficiency and the reduction of heat waste through the application of a new LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) Carbon Black. It lowers rolling resistance by 10%. In addition, by raising the content of high-performance natural rubber, this new product delivers improved fuel consumption and durability, contributing significantly to the conservation of fuel resources.

Beyond environment issues, the product concept for DIGI-TYRE ECO EC201 was safety performance and long life. Its’ durability which results in a longer life was achieved by minimizing irregular wear through 3-D Round Finish of the blocks and Anti-H/T wear Finish.
Its advanced safety features include better wet grip and improved resistance to hydroplaning.
Given all these features, the ECO EC201 is surprisingly affordable. For those who value economical efficiency DIGI-TYRE ECO EC201 truly pays for itself in two ways. First, its durability allows for longer thread life therefore you don’t need to change tires as frequently. Secondly, savings from buying less gas from the resulting improved fuel efficiency.
On top of these monetary savings, DIGI-TYRE ECO EC201 gives consumers the choice of using a more environmentally-friendly tire that allows them to help save the environment from needless additional damage without compromising the quality of the tire they will be using.
Active in every facet of environmental protection, Dunlop Tyres also introduced a concept tire at past Tokyo Motor Shows that is about only 3% composed of petroleum-related materials. They are working diligently on environmentally friendly non-petroleum tires.

Head Office and Six Domestic Factories Achieve Zero Emissions

Sumitomo Rubber, including its Head Office, Research and Development Center and four domestic production factories, in December 2002 became the first Japanese tire manufacturer to achieve zero emissions*. Following this accomplishment, the Company received the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Promotion Council Chairman’s Award for its efforts to promote a recycling-based society.

* "Zero emissions" is achieved when waste disposed of in landfills is maintained at less than 1% of the total amount of waste."